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We stock all the Grains we use in our own brews.

Below is a list, and price of grains we have available on a particular date.

Grain orders can be weighed out to suit your recipe, no waste 

Please mail me to check on availability

Grains, Hops, Yeasts Availability, 23/8/20

Black Malt

Roast Barley

Chocolate Malt

Crystal 150

Red Crystal


Rye malt

Wheat malt

Torrified Wheat

Grains, £1.50 Kilo

Mild Malt

Maris Otter Pale

Hops £4.00 per 100g

Saaz 2019 (Whole hop)

Summit 2019 (Whole hop)

Mandarina Bavaria 2019 (Whole hop)

Huell 2019 (Pellet)


Safale SO4, £5 per 15G

Safale 34/70 Lager, £5 per 15g

Fermo Wiess, Wheat beer, £5 per 15g


AMS £7 per 500ml

DWB £7 per 500g

Lactic acid £10 per 500ml

Protafloc £4 per 100g

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