WOW! What a fantastic weekend of Darts, not reaching our goal of 1000001, this is to be continued. A great set of lads from both Withernsea and Beverley, plus a few of us not so accomplished players off the bench. A visit from a hero from the red and white side of the city Andrew Heffernan, some great beers from Atom,  Bricknell, Great Newsome, Wold top, Twisted angel, Gene pool and of course our own brews.

Burgers and Brekkie BBQ and coffee courtesy of the Barista bar.

Mates and regulars of "the shed" along with family and friends new and old, plus players from the Beverley League with the help of Phil Stubbins who arrived as strangers but left as mates (something the shed tends to do), and lastly but by no means least My wife Avril and daughter Kealee without who it simply would not have happened... Thank You.

We will be organising with Shaun and Phil the last part of the challenge and reaching the heady 1000001 score, watch this space and Facebook for details soon.

We will be ordering some better weather for the final chapter...