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Earl de Grey IPA.

It does help if you have your own water tested, but generally the water in Hull is underground water that is low in acids and salts, we can add acids in the form of AMS to the water and add salts in the form of DWB to the mash

Whilst other ales, Bitter, Mild, Porter, and stouts are really all about the Grains, Malty, toffee, chocolate, smokey etc. all descriptions of malt attributes.

IPA's use very few coloured grains, using pale and extra pale malted Barley. This gives a golden colour but without the addition of Hops it would be quite bland.

Hops are now available from all corners of the world, with some of the High Alpha acid varieties with heady aromas tend to be produces in North America, Australia and new Zealand.

I have tried many different varieties but really like a hop called Summit, it's an American hop with distinct Grapefruit and citrus taste and Aroma, with quite a high Alpha acid content at around 5.5%.

So lets Brew... 

Its a standard brew process, mashing for 90mins, i always recirculate until the wort is clear, then boil for 60 mins, with hop additions at 30 mins and 10 mins, protafloc in at 10 mins and a very late addition of 10g mandarina at 5 mins if required​. chill rapidly to 19'c.

OG shoul;d be around 1.050 and it will finish quite high at around 1.013, giving an ABV of 4.9% higher than the original but that depends on your efficiency . Ferment out at 18'c and leave for a day after fermentation has stopped at 20'c just for a diacatyl rest​ then chill for a couple of days to clear


4.5 kg Maris Otter malt

100g crystal malt

100G Caramalt 

250G Wheat malt

250g Torrified Wheat

250 Oat malt


30g summit 30 mins

30G Summit for 10 mins

10G Mandarina for 5 mins (optional)

10G Protafloc 10 mins

15g SO4 Yeast.


OG 1050

FG 1013

Colour 7 EBC

Alcohol 4.9%

Bitterness 54 IBU

Kit consists

4.5kg Maris pale malt

100G Crystal malt

100G Caramalt

250G Wheat malt

250G torrified wheat

250G Oat malt

60G Summit hops

10G Mandarina Hops

15g SO4 yeast

10G Protafloc

20 ml AMS


Cost, £18.20

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