Bar Hire Prices

Single module with one hand pull or tap   £50 per day

Double module with two hand pulls or taps   £90 per day

2.4m bar module with 3 pulls or taps and 4x optics  £140 per day

Chiller £25 per day

Gas bottle and regulator  £20 per day

Plus Beer, Delivery and VAT  

Manned Bars

Manned bars priced by minimum spend

If you need a manned bar for a wedding, birthday party or function the cost will be based on a minimum spend of £500, all equipment will be supplied including beers wines and spirits, prices agreed and you have the option to charge guests, where we would ask for a deposit of £500, as long as this amount is reached you will get a full refund, or a refund less the shortfall, another option is to pay for the bar yourself, where we would ask for a deposit of £500 then let you know when your deposit has been spent then either charge at the bar or top up your deposit. 

Optional Extras

Gazebo 4.5m x 3m  £50 per day