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Endike Black 3.5% ABV

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Our Endike Black named after the still standing but but now a supermarket, a bit of self indulgence here, i grew up about 200m from the pub, always an estate pub with the infamaous "Roost" Disco attached to the side , Living so close i never really noticed how well built the pub is, looking a bit embarrased to have a supermarket sign hanging where the pub sign should be i thought i would save its memory in our range.

 A really dark Mild type ale, lots of Roast, Chocolate and Dark crystal malts, Wheat, oats and flaked barley for body and head retention, if you were a fan the old fashioned creamy dark milds, this is for you.. 

Contains no Isinglass or Lactose so is suitable for Vegans.. Time and temperature is used to clear the beer, it may have a very slight haze, this does not affect the taste or condition of the beer and is totally natural.

Available in

Cask 9 Gallon Firkin £80, 4.5 Gallon Pin £50 

Bag in box 5L £19, 10L £35, 20L £65

500ml bottle £2.80 

19L Corny keg refill £50

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