IMPORTANT. We add no Isinglass finings, this makes our beers Vegan friendly. Our beers are left to naturally clear in a temperature controlled environment for as long as it takes.

Our "Endike" Black is a full-on Black Beer.

ENDIKE BLACK, made up from 10 different grains, Black, Chocolate, Roast Barley, Crystal malt, Pale malt, Caramalt, Wheat, Torrified Wheat, Oats, and Flaked Barley. On ENDIKE BLACK Brew days the aroma in the brewery should be bottled, my favourite brew day..


With our ODDFELLOWS we have tried to create a tasty red ale with lots of body and a rich creamy head.

The main grains are Maris otter, Wheat, Torriffied Wheat and oats, the red colour is achieved with the addition of Red Crystal malt by Fawcetts ..

The "EARL DE GREY" was an iconic Hull pub,

with a reputation for the wilder side of life.

Built close to the old Queens dock where ships from all over the world would dock and be unloaded. The local bars were frequented by sailors with pockets full of money, and young ladies only too willing to help them spend it..!

We have created a refreshing pale ale using Yorkshire pale malts and tasty hops, our intention is to create a session ale with subtle citrus hop taste and aroma  .

ALLERGY INFO, contains Barley, WHEAT, Oats, Hops and Yeast