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King Billy Best Bitter


The King Billy pub is situated behind the famous Gold statue of King William, who is mounted on his Golden horse, famously with his feet out of the stirrups, as he is famous for dismounting during the night and nipping into the pub for a pint !

Using the finest Maris Otter base malt, a healthy addition of crystal malt, lots of Wheat and Oats.

Lightly hopped using English Goldings and Fuggle hops 

The Malts are the star of the show, with a caramel aftertaste

Contains no Isinglass or Lactose so is suitable for Vegans.. Time and temperature is used to clear the beer, it may have a very slight haze, this does not affect the taste or condition of the beer and is totally natural.

Available in

Cask 9 Gallon Firkin £85, 4.5 Gallon Pin £50 

Keg 30L £80, 50L £135

Bag in box 5L £19, 10L £35, 20L £65

500ml bottle £2.80 

19L Corny keg refill £50

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