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Star of the West Pilsner.

Brewing a Lager based beer is a different beast to brewing Ales, , you will need a method of keeping your beer temperature controlled during fermentation then cold for around 10 days, as close to freezing as you can, a kegarator is ideal, i will be doing a video on home made kegarators in the near future.

So lets crack on, If you live in the Hull area your water or Liquor will need a little acidity adding, my test in Wawne needs 13Ml per 25 Litres of lactic acid adding, you should really have your own water tested but if you use this as a yardstick you wont be far off, believe me the difference it makes is massive.. Mashing and  boiling is the same as brewing an ale, with hop additions at 25g at 30 mins and 25g at 10 mins along with the protafloc , to add a citrus twang add 10g mandarina at 5 mins.

The terminal gravity is quite high about 1.013. 

Ferment out at a temp no higher than 14'c, any higher and your brew will be ruined, 12' is ideal.

 it will take longer than an ale, can take 20 days or longer.. patience is the key..

to be on the safe side a diacetyl rest is a good idea, Diacetyl is a flavour and aroma of butter and is produced by the yeast doing its stuff, the good news is given the right enviroment it will re-absorb it , so gradually raising the temp up to 18; and leaving it there for 2/3 days keeps the yeast alive long enough to do its thing. 

The times and temps i try to achieve is ferment at 12', then 14' for 2 days, 16' for a day, then 18' for two days.. Then CRASH down to as near freezing as poss.. 1' - 4' is ideal.. leave it there to "Lager" for 10 days.

I use a 50/50 mix of lager and x pale maris to give quite a malty taste. a touch of Caramalt for a little colour and again slight sweetness. Wheat and torrified wheat for body and a creamier head than the traditional pilsner, a little like Carling Premier (if you are old enough to remember that ;)

Traditional Saaz hops, and a very late addition of mandarina, for that citrussy aroma (optional)


2.2 kg Maris Otter Xpale malt

2.2kg Lager malt

120G Caramalt 

300G Wheat malt

300g Torrified Wheat


25g saaz 30 mins

25G Saaz for 10 mins

10G Mandarina for 5 mins (optional)

10G Protafloc 10 mins

15g W34/70 Yeast.


OG 1048

FG 1013

Colour 3.7 EBC

Alcohol 4.6%

Bitterness 17 IBU

Kit consists

2.2kg Maris x pale malt

2.2kg Lager malt

120G Caramalt

300G Wheat malt

300G torrified wheat

50G Saaz hops

10G Mandarina Hops

15g W34/70 Lager yeast

10G Protafloc

13 ml Lactic acid

Cost, £16.20

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