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Aitcheson's Cream Stout 4.5% ABV

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We brewed this Ale as a ""one off", i found myself with a stock of dark grains and summer was on its way, so i decided to make the darkest ale i had ever attemted. The problem with REALLY dark ales is that dark roasted barley is quite acidic and contains a lot of tanins which can also add a lot of bitterness. On the plus side it is also high in anti-oxidents which are good for you, so to combat the bitterness LACTOSE or Milk sugar is added, being one of the only sugars the Yeast cannot consume, so the creamy sweetness is carried all the way through to the Glass,

It has proved a massive favourite with our Dark ale fans, so is staying around a while. 

As dark as this ale is the grain bill is still 75% finest maris otter pale malt for its fermentable sugars but also contains Roast, Chocolate and Black malts, lots of Wheat and oats and LACTOSE.

Very lightly hopped with english Fuggles hops

Contains Lactose so is not suitable for Vegans.. Time and temperature is used to clear the beer, it may have a very slight haze, this does not affect the taste or condition of the beer and is totally natural.

Available in

Cask 9 Gallon Firkin £80, 4.5 Gallon Pin £45 

Keg 30L £75, 50L £125

Bag in box 5L £19, 10L £35, 20L £65

500ml bottle £2.80 

19L Corny keg refill £50

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