Beer in a box

Beer in a box


New.. Beer in a box, .. our real craft ales now available in 3L, 5L, 10L and 20L boxes, ideal for Weddings, Birthday parties, Barbeque's and Home bars. All our beers are un-filtered, un-pasturised and contain no finings making them Vegan friendly.

MUST BE KEPT AT LESS THAN 12'C. Free local delivery on 10L and 20L boxes, hand delivered and Chilled on a Wednesday evening.

Our core range, Full Measure porter, King Billy Bitter, Top House Mild, Earl de Grey IPA, and Lekka polish pale all..3L, £10- 5L,£16, 10L- £30, and 20L - £55. Please message for availability..


  • Storage

    This is a live beer that can contains a very small amount of live yeasts, storing above 12'C could re-start fermentation that in extreme cases could lead to the bag bursting.

  • "Live" Beer

    Our beers are not pasturised or filtered, and contains no Finings this will result in the beer having a slight haze, this is normal and adds to the flavour make up of "Real" Ales.

  • Use By

    Once opened the beer will stay at its best for 7 days depending on temperature.

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