Beer in a box

Beer in a box


New.. Beer in a box, .. LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY, CANNOT BE POSTED..our real craft ales now available in 3L, 5L, 10L and 20L boxes, ideal for Weddings, Birthday parties, Barbeque's and Home bars. All our beers are un-filtered, un-pasturised and contain no finings making them Vegan friendly.

MUST BE KEPT AT LESS THAN 12'C. Free local delivery on 10L and 20L boxes, hand delivered and Chilled on a Wednesday evening.

Our core range, Full Measure porter, King Billy Bitter, Top House Mild, Earl de Grey IPA, and Lekka polish pale all..3L, £10- 5L,£16, 10L- £30, and 20L - £55. Please message for availability..


  • Storage

    This is a live beer that can contains a very small amount of live yeasts, storing above 12'C could re-start fermentation that in extreme cases could lead to the bag bursting.

  • "Live" Beer

    Our beers are not pasturised or filtered, and contains no Finings this will result in the beer having a slight haze, this is normal and adds to the flavour make up of "Real" Ales.

  • Use By

    Once opened the beer will stay at its best for 7 days depending on temperature.